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I saw this and thought it accurately portrayed how I was feeling today so I thought I’d share.

Your Spirit lives in the whistling winds, oh how I love thee
Every budding flower, You are it’s very life

Joy. Joy. Joy.
Draw near to me, my one true Love

Oh how may I serve thee? With what fruit shall I bear?
You answer "with Love" in the warm Spring air

The sweet fragrance of soil, the deep blue in Your sky
It’s simple beauty captivating All.

Joy. Joy. Joy.
The sweet scent of pine, it is none but the face of thee
The salt in the seas, it is none but the face of thee
The warmth of the sun, it is none but the face of thee
The richness of the earth, its is none but the face of thee

Water I drink, but I’m thirsty for more
Patience you have requested of me
Endurance to the very end

Your countenance; peace
Your eyes; kindness
Your Spirit; goodness
Your message; hope
Gratitude for this is being asked of me

Gently, I ask thee to draw me near
Humbly before thee, I yearn to serve
Your will be done.
Joy. Joy. Joy.

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