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As mentioned previously, I’m going to do my research related posts from now on based on what I found interesting or relevant instead of translating pages of information regarding the faith.

Interesting facts:

  • A believer in the Islamic faith is referred to as a Muslim
  • Muslim means "one who submits to God (Allah)" in Arabic
  • Muslim is the 2nd largest religion in the world following Christianity
  • There are an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide
  • Prophet Muhammad is considered by Muslims to be the "Final prophet" of Allah for the world
  • Muslims pray 5 times a day
  • Islam means "peace through the submission of God"
  • Muslims neither worship or pray to Muhammad

Muslim beliefs:

  • Muslims believe in one true God, His name is Allah.
  • Muslims believe in many Messengers from Allah: Noah, Adam, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad etc.
  • Muslims believe that Jesus and all his apostles, Abraham, Noah and Moses were all Muslim (which again means one who completely submits to the will of God).
  • Muslims believe that Allah should be worshiped, but worshiping of Allah’s creations should not take place. For example: Tree-worshippers, Buddha, Jesus (all of Allah’s creation, not Allah Himself).
  • Muslims believe that worshiping false idols is an unforgivable sin which seals their fate in the afterlife.
  • Muslims believe the greatest good of man is to worship ONLY Allah. Muslims believe the greatest evil in the world is to worship ANY form of Allah’s creation (this includes, Jesus, Buddha, Hinduism etc.).
  • Muslims believe every child is born with a natural belief in Allah and an inborn inclination to worship Him alone called in Arabic the "Fitrah".
  • Muslims believe that 2 angels are responsible for every person. They believe that angels are assigned certain functions such as revelation, rain and plant growing, taking away peoples souls after death, watching over embryos in wombs, protecting human beings, and recording men’s deeds.
  • Muslims believed that the original Bible was the Word of God, yet the one of today is distorted by man. They believe that the scriptures were meant for a limited time. When the Qur’an was established, it revealed the Bibles changes and distortions.
  • Muslims believe the Qu’ran is the literal Holy Word of Allah, revealed to Muhammad but written down by his companions.
  • It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel

Interesting parallels between Christians and Muslim teachings:

  • Muslims believe in Judgment day and refer to it as the "Day of Resurrection" where bodies will be raised and Allah will be glorified
  • Muslims believe in the Holy Spirit. They believe this same spirit is what gave Moses the 10 commandments
  • Muslims believe in an "anti-Christ" it’s name is Dajjal
  • Muslims believe in the concept of sin and that Allah forgives sins of those who ask for it
  • Muslims believe Allah created the Heavens and the Earth in six days
  • Muslims believe Allah sits on His throne
  • Muslims believe in that Allah’s books include: The Torah and The Gospels, Psalms, and the Tablets given to Abraham and Moses
  • Muslims many times refer to Allah as "Lord"
  • Muslims place much emphasis on faith (Inman) and ask that Muslims believe in Allah with their hearts, confess with their mouths, and act with their bodies (much like Christians: Confess with mouth that Christ is Lord, Faith in hearts, obedience)
  • Muslims believe in worshiping no other Gods (including Christ) however, it is much like the First Commandment if you believe Christ is God.
  • Muslims believe in Heaven and Hell

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