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Today, a group of archaelogist in Turkey discovered what they believe to be the Ark of Noah referenced in the Holy Bible.

According to the Bible story regarding Noah and his Ark, God was going to flood the earth because the inhabitants became too corrupt , worthy of being put to death.  God instructed a man named Noah to build an ark, and shepherd animals through the flood two by two to escape God's wrath. The 15 member team from Noah's Ark Ministries International ( claims they are 99.9% sure they have found evidence of that very Ark at an altitude of 4000m.  The team claims that the found Ark is a structure with wooden beams and several seperated comparments which could possibly have been used to store animals. 

Many historians have long believed that Mount Ararat has been the area where the Ark was hiding, and according the Scripture, the Ark came to rest upon the top of a mountain.  Carbon dating of the wood is about 4,800 years old which many believe coincide with the biblical record of Noah.


What makes me giggle about this story is that if indeed this wood is proven to be the actual Ark of Noah, there will still be so many skeptics who laugh in the face of this reality.  If it doesn't prove to be the Ark of Noah, the very same skeptics will use this story as a weapon to convince the world that Christians are just plan nuts.   I'm looking forward to seeing what the truth is about this discovery.  It's certainly interesting.

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  • Kate

    Kate May 09, 2010

    I have loved the story of Noah’s Ark since I was a child and have little arks around the house. My husband has been reading folklore that the crow was the first bird sent out to scout for land and never came back. And then there are Indian tales of the crow and how he was scorched black from trying to help save the sun- my husband has been telling me these stories. Wonder if there is an American Indian worship service in Richmond? I’ll do a little scouting myself….

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