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I had mentioned here previously that I had the Holy Spirit proclaim to me that I should not convert to Mormonism. While I still affirm that I have no business converting, I’m starting to realize that I’m not being called to ANY specific church and that’s what God was showing me.

However, I am really enjoying my time with the missionaries. They are challenging me to be more of an active participant when reading Scripture, and when we are together, I can feel the Holy Spirits presence in my heart. Today, I revealed to them that I felt God during our conversations and they looked sincerely pleased that I had this observation. They even convinced me to come to their church this week because all of the local stakes will be joining together for one service. Since this deviates from my project of going to a different church each week, I’ve decided to go to an early morning service and their service as well. That’s how much I’ve enjoyed their company and I’ve enjoyed practicing with them. With all that being said, I’m still not converting:) I still feel that some of them are holding on to their hard sell strategy when speaking with me about their beliefs. I much more enjoy the time I spend with them when they are encouraging the process of revelation as opposed to asking those closing sales questions like, "so do you feel like we’re more right than some of the other churches you’ve attended? Are we the most right ya think?". But they’re young, and admittedly new to the ministry. I have done a ton of research on what these missionaries endure during their 2 years, its fascinating but I won’t go into that now. I will share that I have enjoyed the Elders company greatly and I look forward to learning more from them each week as I allow the Spirit of God to guide me in understanding the Truth.

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