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2 young missionaries from the Mormon church came to my home unannounced today. While I initially was frustrated because I was in the middle of working, I soon came to see this as an opportunity to learn some more. I opened the door and both gentleman stood there, Book of Mormon in hand greeting me warmly. When I asked them to come in, they asked if a male was present in the home. Without a 3rd party male being here, apparently they’re not allowed in. I guess that makes sense. Luckily, my husband was home so they were able to come and and visit with me for a few minutes at my dining room table.

The young men gave me a brief run down of the story of Joseph Smith but not before they started us off in prayer. Both men mentioned that they were actually here in Virginia for 2 years away from their families in their hometowns of California and Utah. The only oral communication they have a year is two phone calls, one on mothers day and the other on Christmas. They are also allowed one email a week to their homes. I didn’t know whether to applaud that or feel bad for them. In one regard it certainly shows a level of devotion, on the other, what’s the point? Are there not people in California and Utah to need to hear the story of Joseph Smith? I guess I shouldn’t pass judgment on it since I’m not the one doing it. But it does make me wonder. I also couldn’t help but wonder if the gentleman from Utah was from a community like Big Love. I quickly pushed the thought out of my mind though since I know they don’t like the HBO stereotype. But I just couldn’t stop myself from wondering what his 6 mothers must be like. Shame on me. Thank God for forgiveness.

They were both very kind and they left me with a Book of Mormon verse to read so we can discuss it during their next visit to my home which will be Tuesday of not this week but the next. We’re discussing Nephi Chapter 11. I’m kind of looking forward to it actually. They asked me if I felt anything during their conversation with me. If I had any inner feelings--I know what they were referring to. That "raised skin" feeling that occurs when someone talks about God. I think it’s the Holy Spirit where you just feel RIGHT. Well, I did feel it. Not sure if it was because of their beliefs or just my own. But either way, I’ll hand it to them. The feeling was certainly there.

Oh, one more God Wink before I end this post.....the missionaries explained to me that apparently the Book of Mormon (which is about Jesus’s time here in the Americas) had its place in history right after Nehemiah built the walls back up in Jerusalem. Just interesting how that was the reference they chose to use since I can relate it to the Book of Nehemiah in the Bible from last weeks sermon at Velocity.

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