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I’ve always been the kind of person who desperately wants everyone I meet to feel comfortable in my presence. I pride myself on being the type of person who is accepting and non-judgmental and when I find myself judging others, I have an inner desire to release myself of this sin.

I’d like to look at every situation and put myself in someone else’s shoes and see it from their perspective. And when someone says to me, "you know, I just feel like as long as we believe in some type of Higher Power, then we’re okay" I instantly want to respond with, "I agree! To each his/her own. Just as long as we’re good people who believe in SOMETHING." And that’s usually my answer. And I do honestly WANT to feel that way. I WANT to believe that we’re inherently good people and that as long as we are aware that there is something in this life that is bigger than we are, that we’ll all be okay... but if I’m being honest with myself I have to admit...I don’t think that is enough. I mean, almost everyone believes in SOMETHING, right? It’s pretty rare that there are people out there that can look up at the vast sky, the trees that grow from the earth, the sun that hovers above us or the miracle of birth and think that us humans are responsible for all of it.

So why would I accept this statement without sharing what I believe to be Truth which is that believing there is a God is not enough? And that you have to desire a relationship with Him to experience Him. You have to seek the Truth and live according to the Truth He reveals to you.

If I’m being honest with myself, it’s because I have been more concerned with being politically correct and not offending my neighbor than not offending God! How silly!

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