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As the story broke regarding the 9 Militia members who call themselves Hutaree (which they say translates to "Christian Warrior") I just felt I had to post.

I’ll make it short and sweet so I don’t give too much attention to Hutaree since it is such a sad and unfortunate situation, but I pray for these men and for their families. I pray that if the charges againt the Hutaree militia are found to be valid and they are indeed Christians plotting to kill their neighbors that the world doesn’t see this as another strike against the religion of Christianity.

God, I pray you insert yourself into this situation and shed some light on this darkness.

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  • dvermont

    dvermont April 19, 2010

    A friend of mine posted a snarky comment about this on FB. I pointed out to him that 9 out of 60 million U.S. Catholics equals approximately 0.000015%. He had no comment after that.

  • Seventh day Adventist

    Seventh day Adventist April 19, 2010

    nice post, thanks!

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