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I love the Bible.

A few months ago, I made the commitment to read Scripture daily.   In the past, I had relied on a church or church-goers to tell me what God had said.  It dawned on me that I spoke a lot about the Book as if I had read it, but never actually did.

Thankfully, I decided to talk to Him directly, and by doing so, I realized that studying God’s Word is an incredible way to communicate with my Creator.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been quite fond of a good strong relationship and I’ve learned through our time together, He’s a really likeable God

I’ll even go as far to say, I think it is absolutely impossible to genuinely want to know God, make the commitment to read the Book with an open mind and heart and not become totally smitten with Christ.  From where I’m sitting; that feels like an impossibility. 

If you’ve ever thought of trying true Christianity on for size to see how it fits; here’s some advice:  Start with Scripture.  Don’t look at the church to decide who God is. 

Don’t look at your neighbor who calls himself a Christian and decide what you think about Jesus based on his character. 

Instead, read the Bible and decided whether you believe what It says is true or false.

But most importantly, be courageously open-minded.  Like a child, let the possibilities be endless, because they are.

And if you do read, here are a couple of tips.

 I’d suggest implementing all of them if you really want to give it an honest assessment.

  1. If you read it, read it slowly.  It’s not a novel and there’s no rush. Go slow, but read it every single day for at minimum of 10 minutes and a max of 45.
  1. Don’t stick to the Gospels and Paul’s letters.  While the Books of John, Matthew, ah…Corinthians…. make my heart just swell, if you branch out and read any one of the Major Prophets; Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, or the Books on Law: Genesis, Leviticus, Exodus, they’re all a testimony of Jesus and equally magnetic.
  1. Open your heart up to the possibility that the words you’re reading could actually belong to God.  I’m not asking you to believe something you don’t know, or are even incredibly skeptical of. I’m just challenging you to be open to the possibility; otherwise, I fear you may miss the richness of it.
  1. Pray first. If you’re not a big pray-er; just do a little short one silently in your head.  Your eyes can even be open.  No “art thou’s” necessary.  But just ask that if there is a God, that He show you in the Book, the Truth about the alleged Father and the Son.
  1. Do what it says.  If you see that Christ says in Matthew 25, “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…I was a stranger and you invited me in, 6I needed clothes and you clothed me…” Be hospitable.  Feed, clothe, invite people into your life with loving kindness.   Try to put something you read into action and I promise, the words will come alive.

Let me know how that goes…

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  • Tony York

    Tony York July 23, 2010

    On one hand I just did a mental cartwheel because I so fully agree with the pageantry that is found in the words of scripture.  And then on the other, I am reminded of how many times I been more guilty of believing what I think is in there instead of what I have read is in there.

    Last night I lay awake in bed thinking not on the words of Matthew 25 but an implication that I had missed every time that I had read it before. And now I have a whole new dynamic by which to ask questions about that passage of scripture.  Something I had never considered before that is turning some of my thoughts on discipleship, mentoring, and missiology upside down… or at least sideways.

    Enough about that or I will get carried away and blurt out my thoughts.

    On Wednesday nights, I meet with a group of men at a friend’s house. Some of the men attend one church, others go to another, and there are some that don’t go to church at all.  For about 2 hours I get to lead these men on an exploration of what the bible says. It is one of my favorite moments of the week.  Not only because the words come alive but because the words can make people come alive.

  • Jessica

    Jessica July 23, 2010

    Wow, that sounds awesome.  I really can’t wait for the time where I feel like I have a firm enough grasp on the Bible to help others maneuver their way through it.  My favorite thing about this Book is that you can read one thing 1000 times and it just keeps getting richer. 

    I also have to mention that this very same Matthew verse has come now from 4 different sources this week.  My brother mentioned it, you mentioned it, I read it on a blog today, AND…I have this thing where I like to just open up the Bible and let it speak to me and this was the passage that was brought to my attention.  Obviously, my guest post for you will really be one that gets me thinkin’ since there’s clearly something in it I need to be looking into.

  • Tony York

    Tony York July 23, 2010

    As an encouragement to you, what I have read here, you are already ready to help people.  I, mean, think about it… you are already helping people by what you post here.  smile

  • Scott

    Scott July 31, 2010

    So would you consider the Bible to be absolute truth? Would you consider it authoritative and more or less authoritative than tradition or men?

  • Jessica

    Jessica August 01, 2010

    As far as I’m concerned, I believe the Bible is the absolute authority on all things related to Christianity.  Actually, I may even go as far as to say that the majority of tradition in church annoys me.  For instance, wafting incense around, praying to saints, or reciting things from books of prayer “just because that’s what we do every Sunday.”

  • Scott

    Scott August 01, 2010

    The first time I read your comment, I thought “Huzzah for Jessica!” Then I read it again…

    Jessica stated:
    “I believe the Bible is the absolute authority on all things related to Christianity.”

    Is there anything that is not related to your belief in Jesus Christ? Would the follow up to your statement be: “I believe the Bible is not the absolute authority on all things.”?

    Or am I making more out of your statement than was meant?

  • Jessica

    Jessica August 02, 2010

    You’re making more of it than was meant:)  I believe our faith is the source of “all things”.  So yes, the Bible is the authority on everything, not just things related to our religion.

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