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When I first started reading the Bible, I thought to myself, "With enough diligent effort, I'm going to understand God." So I continued to study his Word.

A few weeks in, God pointed out to me that I was reading Scripture like a piece of literature and an intellectual understanding of Him just wasn't going to cut it.  He required that I pray over it because I needed both the Spirit and the Truth.  (John 4:24) He assured me that I would have no understanding without the Holy Spirits guidance.  And so, every day I began praying on my hands and knees at 6:15 as the sun came up.  Then, I'd sit down in my comfy chair and study His Word.  I listened to the Scriptures on my ipod throughout the day.  I began praying all the time too, in my head, out loud and with my husband before dinner and at night.  What I found is that with both prayer and the reading of Scripture I could see a beautiful picture of Him forming.  But then, it got even better!  I was introduced to the beauty of the Sabbath.  I spent every Friday night spending time with God.  I called the Sabbath a delight and turned away from my own pleasure on His holy day.  I gave God just one day to be the absolute focus of my attention and I experienced Him more than ever. (Isaiah 58:13) 

I either studied his Word, sang hymns in my heart to him, or went outside and enjoyed the world He had made.  Then Saturday morning I'd go to church, and fellowship with people who also wanted to spend the day with God.  I then realized how powerful many people gathered together for His purpose was.  We'd visit sick people in the hospital to bring a little joy to their otherwise lousy day, fellowship with a meal, pray for those in need, and talk about the love of God.  The picture I had of God began to get even clearer and this picture was magnificient!  I rested every Saturday in His love, and glorified HIm with every move I made.  It was my chance to be hugged by God in a way I didn't know was possible. 

And so, I prayed, I read the Scriptures, I rested in God by doing nothing but spending time with Him one day a week.  And He became my best friend.  And through this communion, somewhere in the middle of all this, I stopped cursing.  Somewhere in the midst of all this addictions I've had for years began to disappear, I started eating healthy.  Somewhere in the middle of all this, God took center stage in my life.  I began waking up with a smile on my face, and going to bed with that very same smile.  I started to see a need in someone's life and fill it.  I was walkin' on sunshine....I thought, "All God's promises are TRUE!"  But then all of a sudden, BAM.  He disappeared.  I'm still doing my part, but I feel like He's not doing His part.  I'm still working the steps, praying, reading His word, turning from my sin, but He's absent.  It's like He went on vacation or something.  I'd be nothing short of lying if I said I wasn't mad at Him for this. How can He ask me to walk on water and trust Him and then disappear?  I, unlike Peter, didn't take my eyes off of Him.  He took his eyes off of me! 

For those Christians out there that know God never leaves us, I know, but it just feels that way today and I guess I haven't known Him long enough to know why this stuff happens. So today, I'm just mad at Him.  I've already apologized to God for it.  I suspect He understands my frustration. 

So, here's what I had in mind to fix this pesky, God-disappeared-when-I-really-needed-Him-most-problem....

I have this expression that I use quite frequently when someone says or does something I'm not happy with; I tell that person to "Get out of town!"  Well, I'm going to take my own advice and do just that.... Get out of Town!  On Sunday, I'm going to Pine Island on vacation for an entire week. 

I have been agonizing over this religious stuff.  I've read so many commentaries and books on the Bible it feels like my eye balls are going to fall out.  So this week at the beach, I've decided not to read a lick of commentary.  I'm not going to answer any blog comments or read any history on the Reformation.  I'm not going to delve into the historical investigation of whether the Sabbath was Sunday/Saturday, I won't look up the Greek meaning of words to get a better understanding of the writers intent.  I'm not going to Google the word "dispensation" and then try and figure out what that means for me.   You know what folks, I'm not going to even use a concordance in an attempt to rigourously study the Bible.  I'm just going to let each book speak for itself.  I'm going to spend my vacation just allowing God to infilterate my mind instead of purusing every website available searching for Him. 

So I'll be back next week.  Hopefully refreshed.  And hopefully a bit more certain that His promises are indeed true: And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

Have a great week. 

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  • Jenny

    Jenny September 08, 2010

    Sometimes when we overanalyze instead of just feel and believe…. we unintentionally ruin the magic.  You will find a balance that proves both educational and spiritual.  Keep the faith smile

  • Jessica Gavin

    Jessica Gavin September 08, 2010

    Look at you saying just what I needed to hear.  You know what Jenny, what they say about you isn’t true.  You’re smarter than you look.  Ha:)  Just kidding, dove.

  • Jenny

    Jenny September 09, 2010

    I thought you weren’t checking your blog for a week?? wink

    Call me!

  • JamesBrett

    JamesBrett September 11, 2010

    good ideas, jess.  i don’t think the bible was intended to be understood only by those of us with phds, the ability to read greek, or the money to buy commentaries.

    oh, and by the way, your blog is for some reason not sending your posts to my google reader account.  are you—or anyone else—having problems with that?

  • Gavin

    Gavin September 16, 2010

    @James - Thanks for the heads up, apparently Feedburner stopped updating the feed b/c it was too large. Of course they didn’t bother to let me know this. I’ve made some changes and and all should be well again.

    Thanks for nothin’ Feedburner!

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