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1 Corinthians 13:13

1 Corinthians 13:13

I am incredibly blessed.  Most mornings, while the rest of the world is getting ready to head to work, I am over my girlfriend Jill’s house having what we call “coffee talk”.  It’s the one hour a day where we are able to silence the noise in our lives and talk about all the “stuff” going on in our heads.  It’s our opportunity to get everything out by sharing it with another person who sincerely cares about what we have to say. 

Last week, I was asking her advice on some ideas I had for blog topics.  I told her I wanted to discuss this strange phenomenon that happens every time I touch my husband Patrick.  I find it fascinating that when our skin connects, I can actually feel an energy permeating off of him.  This vibrating liveliness provides me with a unique sense of peace.  Her reaction to the idea was this, “But that doesn’t have anything to do with religion.” 

I’ve never been a fan of this phrase, but since I find it so incredibly fitting right now, I’m going to use it; It’s not religious, it’s spiritual.  I feel like too many people who label themselves as “spiritual but not religious” do so in an attempt to group those who believe God is knowable as somehow less than spiritual.  I don’t know, to me this feels like a copout and maybe even an insult as if being religious makes one close minded and inferior.  In any case, I do find that this phrase is quite relevant for my discussion so I’ll use it.  

While sitting on our couch the other day, engulfed in some nonsense action flick, I slid my foot under the back of my husband Patrick’s knee and pressed my toes up against him. When I did, this familiar reaction gracefully moved throughout my body and made it’s way to my heart.  We weren’t sharing an intimate moment or watching a romantic comedy, or even talking about things we love, but the energy manifested itself all the same.  Without my permission or intent, his loving energy was transmitted from the back of his knee to the center of my being.

Honestly, I am no stranger to this feeling but have never really explored the fact that it has physical characteristics until now.  I connect with it all the time too.  I feel it when my mother runs the palm of her hand down my arm, when I hug my pastor every Wednesday, and when I put my hand on the top of my niece Madeline’s head to feel her soft curly hair.  It’s an incredible force and one that I feel in my heart is a tangible representative of the nature of God; it's love.

In an attempt to see if this force was something I could create with my intention, I decided to run a little experiment in church this morning.  An elderly woman was making her way into the worship area so I quickly moved to the place where she was standing and asked if I could open the door for her.  She smiled, nodded yes, and thanked me for my kindness.  As she walked through, I said a silent prayer for her well being and simultaneously put my hand on her back.   Not surprisingly….the energy appeared.  I believe this is the spirit of God.  Again, I can’t find Scripture to support my case, I haven't found a church that recognizes this as one of their major tenets of faith, but I just know it's the love of God.  Any mother who has held her baby close and has had those 5 little fingers sprawled out over her chest knows this feeling.  Any person who has wept for the loss of a loved one while hugging someone they trust, heart pressed to heart knows this peace producing vibration all too well.  If you have ever who tapped into the Holy Spirits mystical power you're no stranger to the winds of lthis love.

So, I guess the point of the post is to not just examine the phenomenon, but to give it the credit it deserves.  It’s to say, “Hey, we can feel God whenever we want!  He is knowable and tangible, not distant and impersonal” And that to me is just so wonderful.  I am overjoyed with the reality that this is a real thing we can experience with one of our 5 senses.  It brings me peace, and it’s something I have the power to create whenever I wish.  All I have to do is share myself in order to create this loving energy.  It’s pretty simple really.  To create this exhilarating force in my heart, I just have to activate my love for someone by being kind and this very lively spirit is manifested in that very moment of action.  It can be a warm erace, a thoughtful note, or simply the opening of a door for a stranger.  It’s the powerful intention of giving something of ourselves for the benefit of another.  And if we do it enough, that Spirit is experienced even without our own effort involved as in the case of my husband’s touch.  Our love has grown to the point where God’s presence is active and alive, multiplying itself with each loving interaction we share.  That’s powerful!  I believe, (again this is Jess theology) that the more love we give, the more active this energy is in our everyday lives, and the more peace and gentleness will make itself known, enabling us to deal with every situation that presents itself.

So I guess Jill was right; it’s not exactly religious because it’s not a divisive concept like most “religious” ideologies.  But I believe this distinct energy is the lifeblood of all organized religion.  It’s the intention that drives each one.  It’s the powerful and creative force of God; unmistakable, uncomplicated and available to all who seek it.

To conclude, in the words of AT&T, let’s reach out and touch someone then, Mmmmk? 



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