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52 Prayers is goin' places!  Tomorrow morning at 9am, Amy Lacey of Good Morning Richmond will be interviewing me for the 52 Prayers Project.  If you're local to the Richmond area, tune in to channel 8 and watch me desperately try not to appear incredibly nervous during our live interview!!!!

If you can spare a few prayers for this gal tonight, I would greatly appreciate it.




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  • Dave VT

    Dave VT August 24, 2010

    Good luck, you will do fine!

    Try to post a link if possible in the next few days.

  • Jessica

    Jessica August 24, 2010

    Thanks, Dave! smile I can see you on Fox News now…

    “Please welcome Dave Vermont, author of Know Why You’re a Catholic.  We first discovered the fresh new author after getting word from a local news station about his guest blogging appearences for what was referred to as Catholic Fridays Series on the world famous religious online portal, 52prayers.com”  wink  HA!

  • JamesBrett

    JamesBrett August 24, 2010

    you’ll do great, jess.  may God give you wisdom and courage as you speak, and a calm that is equal to that wisdom and courage.

    and have fun.

  • Tony York

    Tony York August 24, 2010

    That is pretty cool!

    I am looking forward to when you post a link to a video clip.

    May God bless you in this interview and bless those who see it.

  • Gavin

    Gavin August 24, 2010

    I don’t know if WRIC is going to post a link to the video, but if they don’t I’ll find a way to transfer it from our DVR. So stay tuned all.

  • Anne

    Anne August 25, 2010

    You were awesome!!  So proud of you.

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