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Last night, for prayer #40 I attended a New Age:  Seven Soul Energies meeting held in the Aquarian Bookstore in Carytown. 

Aquarian Bookstore

Aquarian Bookstore

I arrived about 20 minutes early in order to have the opportunity to browse the store before the service began.  I was no stranger to the Aquarian having frequented it many times in college when it was located in the Willow Lawn Shopping Center.  I was quickly brought back to a 20 something me, perusing the aisles that reeked of incense, looking for the perfect fragrant oil that would calm my sacred space, the ideal candle to burn that would bring romance into my life, and that perfect book, maybe by one of my favorite authors, like Wayne Dyer’s “Manifest Your Destiny:  The 9 Spiritual Principles for Getting What You Want” or Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life.”  I can even remember paying $35 to get my tarot cards read only to be asked whether I was in a relationship and then told that it wouldn’t last.

Our group was being led by Susan Hughes, whose online biography describes her as a professional Astrologer, Intuitive Consultant, Reiki Master and Certified Results Kinesiologist with over 20 years of experience.  Hughes walked in at 6:30 sharp and greeted myself and 3 other young women who all appeared to be under the age of 25.  She led us into the space she had prepared for us.  I took special note of the types of people who were attending and what I found interesting is that they all reminded me of myself 10 years ago.  One was a Reiki practitioner and customer service rep at Capital One, another an actress, and finally a student at VCU working toward a master’s degree. 

After introducing ourselves, Susan jumped right in and gave each of us a quiz to take where we had to answer True or False questions such as “I find great joy in helping others grow spiritually” or “I like to take things apart and put them back together just to learn”.  After the test was over, Hughes lectured about the history of the spiritual findings she described as 7 soul energies and gave an in-depth description of each type of energy.

New Age Religion

New Age Religion

This system of soul identification was made manifest when more than 25 years ago a woman named Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and her friends began channeling messages through a Ouija board from a group entity of spirits who called themselves “The Michaels.”  According to these spirits, the information was given for seekers, students, and skeptics simply to help questioners become more aware and better able to make decisions in their lives.  The messages were compiled in a book called Messages from Michael and 3 other volumes followed as people continued to channel the spirits. 

The Soul Energies are as follows:

  • Servant: (1) 25% of population.  Servants serve the Common Good, however they can give too much of themselves and make other feel guilty when they don’t accept their service.

Hughes informed us that Servants usually have angelic like faces so you can point them out when you meet them.  She gave an example of Mother Theresa as a servant.  The girl in our group who was a Reiki healer was identified as one as well.

  • Artisans: (2) 21.5% of the population.  Artisans will tend to want to create structure in their lives, and to expect others to adapt to it.

Hughes said a hairdresser with several tattoos, who can’t stop chain smoking and struggles with addiction, is probably an Artisan.  Before even going into the next couple of souls, I began to doodle things on my paper such as “This is such hocus pocus” and “Michael didn’t need to tell me that some people are artists”  Hughes continued…

  • Warriors: (3) 17.5% of population  Warriors are concerned with challenges, however they define them.  Warriors are protective as well as enterprising, and will be loyal and dutiful.

I briefly joined the conversation after she described a Warrior soul and said, “My sister is one of those”.  Hughes gave me a glance, completely ignored my statement and continued on.

  • Scholars: (4) 14% of population Scholars are drawn to all forms of information and learning.  Scholars are acknowledged by diplomas and degrees of all sorts.

Hughes identified herself as a Scholar. When she was talking about this soul energy my mind began to wander.  How could a woman like this with a Master’s Degree from the Medical College of Virginia spend her time studying “the Michaels”?

  • Sages: (5) 10% of population. Sages are engaging and have a flair for the dramatic. Sages are acknowledged by all manner of applause. \

Hughes identified comedians such as Whoopie Goldberg and John Belushi as Sages.  She said they are loud and obnoxious but hilarious at the same time.

  • Priests: (6) 8% of population.  Priests are acknowledged by spiritual validation. Priests often have to come to realize that the Higher Ideal only applies to the Priest who has it.  

After taking the quiz, I was identified as a priest and so was my new actress friend.

  • Kings: (7) 2% of population Kings present the Mandate, whatever the King conceives that to be in any given life. Kings often have to come to realize that the Mandate is not a command but a revelation.

Being that only 2% of the population are identified as Kings, Hughes admitted that she had never met one “in this life”.  She then racked her brain to think of someone from history who was a king to give us an example and finally said.  “Well, you know who was a King?  Jesus, or sorry, His name is actually Yeshua.” I wanted to stand up and shout, “Amen!  That’s the first spot on thing you’ve said all night! Jesus is King!” but instead, I just smiled while meditating on the irony of her statement.

I find myself struggling at times to be open-minded and non-judgmental while still remaining authentic and honest.    Here’s what I honestly felt about last night:  I felt like this whole meeting was the biggest crock I had ever been subject to.  It took me about 25 minutes to get from the Aquarian to my house and the entire time, like a crazy woman, I fought with myself in my head about how to process the New Age experience in an honest, yet non-judgmental way and what I realized is; I can’t.  I’d like to share with you my inner dialogue on the ride home as I believe it best expresses something very real that I struggle with. 

Jessica #1:  What a fraud.  We all paid $15 bucks to get this bogus information from some demonic spirit speaking through a Ouija board.  How absolutely ridiculous. That should be against the law or something.

Jessica #2:  If Susan Hughes actually believes what she’s teaching, than it’s not fraudulent, nor is it ridiculous.  Who the heck are you to think that you know the only truth and that anyone else’s truth that isn’t like yours must be wrong?  You really know nothing more than any one of them.

Jessica #1:  I’m sorry, but yes I do.  My faith is based on the Bible.  The Bible that has tons of verses in it that prove itself.  How about how it tells us the earth hangs on nothing, or how it shows us that the earth was round way before anyone even knew that, or the fact that the OT prophecies actually came to pass?  Hello, can anyone prove to me that Michaels “secret teaching” has any truth to it at all?  She said that all the old dead people are becoming alive so they can celebrate 2012 and be a part of the exciting new earth.  Where did she get that?  It is nonsense. 

Jessica #2:  It’s nonsense to you just because you think it’s nonsense, but what about all the people who think the Gospel is nonsense?

Jessica #1:  You watch what you say about the Gospel!  The girls in that room were looking for a quick fix to a problem that no crystal, gem, or 7 spirit energy quiz is ever going to help solve.  Their lives are so lacking that they think paying $15 to have someone tell them that they’re a Servant with an angelic face is somehow going to offer them happiness. The Gospel is not nonsense, that’s the difference.  This is. Did you see the look on that girls face when she was told that she had an angelic face? She needed to be lifted up.  We all do, but flattery and superficial spirituality is only a temporary fix to an everlasting problem.

Jessica #2:  Listen to yourself.  Seriously.  You have been one of those girls.  You have done the EXACT same thing.  How about the time you paid $100 dollars to learn how to access your chakra system? 

Jessica #1:  Yes.  But this is exactly why I’m so rippin’ mad about this experience.  Someone took advantage of me while I was hurting and offered me some false sense of hope and healing that only He can offer by telling me to meditate on my 3rd eye.  I’m saddened by the fact that these people pay money hoping to find a glimpse of happiness in their otherwise empty lives and it’s all in vain.  This lady read a ridiculous book and then made $100 tonight telling us what the book said.  Come on.  There has to be something morally wrong with that.

Jessica #2:  I love how you assume because you were unhappy when you sought things like this out and because you were looking for something to fill the void that this means everyone else must be too.  These might be the happiest most fulfilled women in the world.  Just because you found happiness in Jesus doesn’t mean they can’t find happiness in “the Michaels” or channeling or whatever.

Jessica #1:  There is no way to transform your life with your soul energy, I don’t care who you are.  Sorry.  You can’t.  I don’t care how un-PC that is.  It’s B-O-L-O-G-N-A.  Spirits from Ouija boards do not offer a satisfying solution to the problem of self.  They do not offer it.  How is a personality test going to help heal us? …

While driving home, I silently said the following prayer:

Loving Father in heaven, I pray that if I am wrong about this, and Jesus is not the only solution to the brokenness in this world and there are many ways to experience You that you give me massive unrest, gross anxiety, and unrelenting uneasiness in my soul until I come to the truth about Your character and Your will. Continue to guide me into all Truth, regardless of what that is.  Amen.

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  • Nicole Unice

    Nicole Unice November 14, 2010

    I alternated between laughing at this post and appreciating your honesty and desire to wrestle through how to love somebody well. Thanks for a great reflection on this…and your clear understanding of Jesus, that he can take our honesty and work with it! Hope you’re experiencing great peace. smile

  • Jessica

    Jessica November 14, 2010

    Thanks, Nicole.  Your honesty post really helped me get the words out for this one! So thank you!

  • Nicole Unice

    Nicole Unice November 14, 2010

    I just wrote a followup to that post. Check it out and see if you agree with the thoughts…

  • Tony York

    Tony York November 15, 2010

    Sounds like you were struggling with the notion of ‘tolerance’,which in our post-modern mindset, can get one to talking to themselves.  smile

    At some point we have to come to a conclusion that we cannot tolerate everything.  Someone who says otherwise is being intolerant of the intolerant… it is a self-defeating foundation from which to start.

    Another point to make here is that intolerance is not equal to cruelty.  I am intolerant of my children doing as they please because that type of practice can lead to suffering (hand on a hot stove).

    Our intolerance is characterized by how we act upon it.

    While I do not accept others religious beliefs to be true, I still appreciate their ability to live according to some set of principles. (I think I saw this coming through in your self-discussion).

    I give you kudos for making through the meeting.  I am not sure I could have shelled out the money to sit there. wink

  • Jessica

    Jessica November 15, 2010

    “At some point we have to come to a conclusion that we cannot tolerate everything.  Someone who says otherwise is being intolerant of the intolerant”

    Ha:)  I think this is a funny statement.  I just had a conversation the other day with my friend regarding the same thing.  She said, “Anyone who thinks that that they know the one true God is stupid” and I said, “well isn’t saying that you KNOW that anyone who makes that claim is stupid, just as stupid?”  She agreed…but not before continuing to tell me how stupid she thought I was.  Ha!

  • Janice Dial

    Janice Dial November 17, 2010

    I so enjoy your insights,I look forward to your blogs love janice

  • Suzie

    Suzie March 10, 2011

    Jessica, I love the inner commentary. Whether you realize it or not, Jessica #2 has a lot of wisdom. You have an inner wisdom and you need to follow that, as well as balance what you hear from others with a healthy dose of skepticism. Don’t accept everything someone says at face value. Look it up yourself. That’s the only way you truly learn anything in this life. No doubt, you didn’t need to pay that woman $25 to have her tell you about personality types. It’s a psychological truth - different personalities exist. You can find that out by reading the book ‘Please Understand Me.’ But that doesn’t mean all of the info she gave was all bunk. Seems to me to be a reinterpretation of something we already know.

    The biggest problem I see is that you’re coming into all of these spiritual experiences with the preconceived notions and a mindset of a modern christian, when I think the point of this whole thing should have been to go into this project with an open mind, and leave your baggage at the door. A wise person once said the mind is like a parachute; it only works when it’s open. I understand your trepidation with some of these experiences but that is the only way to learn: face your fears. They really aren’t as bad as you think. smile

    And by the way, you CAN transform your life with your soul energy. In my world it’s called magick, but I think those in the psychological world call it individuation. wink

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