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Three Sunday’s ago I embarked on Prayer #33, Four Square Family Life Center tucked away off Parham Road at 7837 Carousel Lane.  This post is going to be pretty short and sweet because the experience was fairly uneventful.  I’ll just give you the short version.

The service was held on the bottom floor, in a warehouse type building in an industrial park.   The first thing I noticed upon entering were the incredibly loud wall colorings.  I kinda wished I had a pair of sunglasses to tone it down a bit since bold, bright reds and oranges are a little distracting for a worship service, I think.  My guess is the decorating style was chosen by church leaders in an attempt to distract people from the fact that the service was smack dap in the middle of an industrial park.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t fooled; it was a nice try though.

The music was contemporary with a couple of teenagers singing on stage and a young dude wearing flip-flops playing guitar.  Now, don’t tell anyone this, but I found myself enjoying it a bit.  I didn’t go as far as to throw my hands in the air and sway back and forth with my eyes shut while murmuring stuff like “oh Jesus.  Jesus oh.  Oh Jesus thank YA, Jesus!” like the majority of the congregation, but you may catch me rockin’ out in my car if the song ever comes on the radio randomly. 

Finally, even though the service was labeled as non-denominational, we might have to agree to disagree on that.  What makes a charismatic, contemporary non-denominational service NOT Pentecostal is my question? It sure looked Pentecostal.  They sure acted Pentecostal.  The people spoke like they were Pentecostal, they dressed like Pentecostals, they clapped when the Spirit even sneezed like Pentecostals….but they were under the guise of non-denominational.  Four Square Family Life Center, I’m just not buyin’ it.  Can't fool me, man.  I know an Assemblies of God church when I see one. 

Actually, I think the church might be having an identity crisis all together.  They had a sermon based on the Old Testament and claimed that people were “robbing God” if they didn’t tithe 10% of their income.  That’s not exactly a “New Testament church” sermon topic.  Anyway, here are some quick things I’d like to note:

The pastor is good-looking so that was a nice bonus.

The congregation was fairly young.

The dress was casual.

There were about 25-30 people in all.  I think they probably are praying every hour upon the hour that they become a mega-church.  They looked like a mini-mega church, like a mega-church in training. 

They were a “name it and claim it” church.

The place was *ahem* vibrant looking.

They seemed to hang out a lot outside of church which was nice.

They had a Bible journaling group which I liked.

And it looked like a place where a person could make friends if they were young and cool.  I decided I don’t think I’m young or cool enough for that church.  I like my hymnals and pews.


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  • Scott

    Scott October 04, 2010

    The “Four Square” in the name of the church…. um center tells you that they are charismatic. Personally, I am tired of seeing churches change their name to center or fellowship in order to sound less threatening to the general public.

  • marge bailey

    marge bailey January 22, 2011

    I am a middle of the road person but in spite of that i am not as critical as you. I allow people who practice differently than I to experience that which brings them closer to god, and I encourage and reinforce them in all aspects, from the colors of the walls to the age of the participants. You seem like you are unhappy, and I hope a personal relationship with God helps you, more so than the church.

  • jessica

    jessica January 22, 2011

    Oh man, marge. If you think this is critical, you’re gonna think I’m a monster if you read other posts. I review churches on my personal blog. There are gonna be some I don’t prefer. I’m sorry if that offends you, it certainly wasn’t my intent. I try to be fairly pc most of the time.

  • Cricket

    Cricket March 24, 2011

    I was there at the begining of your church, I was apart of it. When I began to see God in my own growth pattern I got shunned,even to the point of being caled a lesbian because of the way I dressed, even tho, your daughter dressed more manly than I ever did. Your remarks to me have scared me,more hurtful than anything I knew. I trusted you,and you let me down. Your words have some power to bad they don’t have compassion with them. Bob Smith you judge, but you are not the judge. One day you will be judged and I pray God gives you more mercy than you have given those in the past.My name is Cricket, you and your wife tried to change that. It was given to me in honor,by a person of God, but you chose to distort it. Shame on you.You need to think before you speak. Despite you and yourn wife I went beyond your words and looked at Gods word,and I am okay in Gods eyes.

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