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Image from http://www.prayerpups.com

This morning, I started thinking about all the different Christian denominations.  I wondered why the Pentecostals didn’t identify with the Episcopalians; the Mennonites were so different than the Methodists, the Lutheran doctrine starkly contrasted the Adventists, why the Adventist disagreed with the teachings of Catholics and why Catholicism is so drastically different from the rest of the Protestant world?

I wish I could get God's take on all these denominational differences and hear what He had to say about them.

So, here’s a list of 10 questions I’d ask God about Christian doctrine if He were at coffee talk tomorrow morning. 

1.  Explain to me what one must do to obtain salvation. Can I ever lose it and if so, How?  Please, use layman’s terms.

2.  Do those Pentecostals really have the gift of tongues?  How does it relate to Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

3.  Who is the angel of the Lord in the OT?  Is this really a reference to Christ?

4.  What do you think about these Catholics and their whole Pope thing?

5.  Explain election.  Did you choose us or did we choose you? 

6.  How is it that we can all read the same Bible and make it say what we want it to?

7.  Do we still have to obey the 10 commandments in their entirety?

8.  Are there still modern day Prophets?  If so, who are they?

9.  What happens to the soul when you die?

10. Do any of the above questions matter to you at all or should we really just be “focusing on the cross” like Jon says?



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  • JamesBrett

    JamesBrett June 28, 2010

    something tells me God would prefer to enjoy his cup of coffee with you, hear about your life and how his blessings on your are blessing others, and make really sure you know how much he loves you.  oh, and he’d spring for the bill.

  • Jessica

    Jessica June 28, 2010

    Well if you’re telling me He’d spring for the bill that’s all I needed to hear.  It’s a tough economy so I’ll take what I can get;)

  • janice

    janice June 30, 2010

    I think we all have questions I agree with james Ithink God loves the fact you have started this blog you’ll never know the lives you have touched i know you’ve touched mine

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