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  • Jun 20

    #23 First Mennonite Church: Got Fruit?

    Last week I attended First Mennonite Church on Parham Road.  In a very conspicuous manner, I hurried into the petite unassuming church lobby 15 minutes late. I tried my best to tread lightly on my...

  • Jun 18

    Catholic Friday:  Is Baptism Essential for Salvation?

    Since I started this blog, many people have asked me about the Catholic faith.  Protestants sincerely want to know how they differ from Catholics and why there is this separation in the first place. ...

  • May 30

    #21: Presbyrterian: Is there a perfect church?

    When I wrote the title for this post, the thought "there is no perfect church" popped into my head.  I wonder now if it was me talking or if I was hearing the voice of God again?  Whoever it is, it...

  • Apr 30

    Reform Judiasm and It’s Community

    It seems I learn something new every day.  I was always under the impression that there were Reform Jews and Orthodox Jews, but today, I learned that there are also another group referred to as...

  • Apr 15

    The Islamic Faith

    As mentioned previously, I’m going to do my research related posts from now on based on what I found interesting or relevant instead of translating pages of information regarding the faith.

  • Apr 07

    The Quaker Community

    I’ve decided from now on I’m only going to give a brief bit of information about the services I’m going to attend each week. It takes a lot of time and research, and quite honestly, if anyone wants...


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