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  • Dec 14

    #45:  Seeking the Sikh’s, Richmond VA

    For prayer #45 I ventured into the Richmond Gurdwara located on 4500 Marty Boulevard in Chesterfield, VA.  Before attending, I had educated myself briefly on any traditions and customs to...

  • Nov 13

    #40: New Age, Seven Soul Energies

    Last night, for prayer #40 I attended a New Age:  Seven Soul Energies meeting held in the Aquarian Bookstore in Carytown. 

    I arrived about 20 minutes early in order to have the opportunity...

  • Sep 17

    Catholic Friday:  Are Sacraments Works Based Religion?

    Thinking the 7 Sacraments sounded a whole lot like a works based religion, I've asked Dave Vermont, our 52 Prayers Roman Catholic Representative a slew of questions about why the Catholic Church has...

  • Aug 12

    #28 Eckankar and Harold Klemp

    Meet Harold Klemp.

    A few weeks ago I woke up a bit late for church without having a service picked out.  Knowing that I had to attend before the week was up to keep up with my commitment, I wiped the...

  • Aug 02

    #27:  The Good Ole Jehovah Witnesses

    A couple of times a week the Jehovah Witnesses come knocking on my door.  Despite their consistent efforts to pop in for a visit, they managed to miss me every time.  Patrick knew I had...

  • Jun 25

    Catholic Friday:  Baptising Infants; Is this Biblical?

    Happy Catholic Friday!

    This is a continuation of last week's Catholic Baptism post by Dave Vermont, our 52 Prayers Roman Catholic representative.  Dave has so kindly agreed to help me understand the...


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