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  • Jan 02

    Huckabee Responds to Dershowitz

    Happy New Year!  Just came across this video from December and thought it was interesting.  Is it okay to amend God's 10 Commandments? 


  • Dec 30

    52:  Serpent Handlers; PART 2

    As we passed several run down trailers on our way down the dirt driveway, we questioned whether or not we had taken the wrong path.  After waiving down a local man in a white pick-up truck...

  • Dec 29

    #52 Serpent Handlers: Jolo, WV: Church of the Lord Jesus w/Signs Following


    “I’m up!  I’m up!”  The buzzing alarm clock read 5:01am.


    “Seriously, seriously; this time I’m up.”

    I slowly opened one eye and looked at the clock...

  • Dec 28

    #51:  Church of Scientology

    “Forgiving someone is actually an insult because it presupposes that the person you are forgiving did something wrong.  It’s really just a way of placing blame.”

    The Scientology pastor...

  • Dec 24

    #50; Taoism; The Religion that Can’t be Named

     “The Tao can not be named.  You see!  You just can’t name it.  Says so right there!” he said while lifting his glasses toward his forehead and squinting his eyes to read the passage. 

    For prayer...

  • Dec 23

    #49:  Christ Church Anglican

    I was convinced I was being led astray by my GPS.

    “Trust me.  There’s no way this Anglican congregation holds its church services in a school playhouse.  They’re way too traditional for something...


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