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  • Jul 06

    Should Christians Learn About Other Religions?

    A good friend of mine recently gave me a book by Derek Morris called the Radical Prayer of God.  In this tiny, 100 page hard cover, the author invites readers to consider joining the Lord...

  • Jun 21

    And the Greatest of These Is Love

    I am incredibly blessed.  Most mornings, while the rest of the world is getting ready to head to work, I am over my girlfriend Jill’s house having what we call “coffee talk”.  It’s the one...

  • May 18

    #20 Second Church of Christ, Scientist Richmond VA

    This Sunday I attended the Second Church of Christian Science located on River Road.  Truth be told, I don’t really have an interesting story to tell.  I drove up to this small building thinking it’d...

  • May 16

    Christian Science

     Today is the day when I officially decided that I am an absolute dork.  It’s 7:30 on a Friday night, and here I am; sitting in front of my computer, getting ready to go knee deep into some Christian...

  • Mar 02

    #9 Tantric god and goddesses gathering

    The Tantric god and goddess gathering held at 4025 Studio in the Northside of Richmond was certainly an event I won’t soon forget. I arrived right on time at 7pm just as the other 13 Tantriks were...

  • Jan 31

    Mormon Missionary Visit #2

    I had mentioned here previously that I had the Holy Spirit proclaim to me that I should not convert to Mormonism. While I still affirm that I have no business converting, I’m starting to realize that...


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