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  • Dec 08

    #43 African Fire Down from Heaven Church

    I went to Savannah, GA this past weekend to move my best friend Jenny into her new home.  I had planned on attending a Scientology service when I got there but I realized it was almost 3 hours west...

  • Dec 01

    #42 All Saints Episcopal Healing Service

    I had a conversation with a friend of mine once where she said something I thought was just completely bizzaro.  When describing two friends of mine that I thought she had met once, I tried to jog...

  • Nov 30

    Taste and See that The Lord is Good.

    Instead of writing the obligatory blogger’s Thanksgiving post about all the things I’m grateful for, a few days ago I chose to write about the Christianity blues.  That stinkin’ adversary seemed to...

  • Nov 29

    #41 St. Helen’s Greek Orthodox

    Whenever I would tell anyone over the age of 55 about this project, they’d say, “Oh!  I can’t wait until you review a Greek Orthodox church!” Because of this, I always felt as though when the time...

  • Oct 01

    #32 St. Stephen’s Celtic Service, Richmond VA Church

    I had several people recommend to me the 5:30 Celtic Service on Sunday’s at St. Stephen’s Episcopal church located at 6000 Grove Avenue in Richmond, VA.  My friend Jenny was visiting from...

  • Sep 24

    Catholic Friday:  The Eucharist; Is God Edible?

    When I first heard that Catholics believed that the prescence of Jesus's body and blood was in the bread and wine taken at Communion, I admit, I almost lost it. Here's how Dave explains the Catholic...


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