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  • May 16

    Because I don’t trust You, God.

    For some reason, as I fell asleep last night I started to think about this blog.  Was I done writing?  Should I just take it offline or is there any point of keeping it up if I rarely use it?  I...

  • May 02

    Osama Bin Laden’s Death

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but sometimes I pray that God will bring me to the right passage of Scripture that will warm my heart and speak to me personally.  Then, I close my eyes, open the...

  • Jan 02

    Huckabee Responds to Dershowitz

    Happy New Year!  Just came across this video from December and thought it was interesting.  Is it okay to amend God's 10 Commandments? 


  • Dec 29

    #52 Serpent Handlers: Jolo, WV: Church of the Lord Jesus w/Signs Following


    “I’m up!  I’m up!”  The buzzing alarm clock read 5:01am.


    “Seriously, seriously; this time I’m up.”

    I slowly opened one eye and looked at the clock...

  • Dec 23

    #49:  Christ Church Anglican

    I was convinced I was being led astray by my GPS.

    “Trust me.  There’s no way this Anglican congregation holds its church services in a school playhouse.  They’re way too traditional for something...

  • Dec 11

    #44 Christadelphians

    What the heck is a Christadelphian?  Those were my sentiments exactly.

    At the very last minute on Sunday morning, I hurried online to search for a religious sect I haven’t yet reviewed.  I figured at...


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