Posts from December 2010

  • Dec 17

    #48:  Faith LandMark Ministries; Mega Church

    IT’S BIBLE TIME!”  A loud voice echoed throughout the sanctuary. 

    What TIME IS IT?” the preacher screamed again in an obvious attempt to arouse the masses.

    “BIBLE TIME!” The people...

  • Dec 16

    #47:  Transport For Christ; Trucker Ministries

    As I stood there praying at 1am, clenching the hands of two holy men in a rundown trailer high up in Blue Ridge Mountains, I suspect my ministering angels rejoiced. 

    We took an exit off highway 81 to...

  • Dec 15

    #46:  Out of the Broom Closet:  Paganism Meet Up

    “I’m going to a witch meeting tonight for prayer #46.  We’re making magic wands!”  I said to Patrick enthusiastically.

    “Wow.  If you see a black cat cross the street, head in the other direction.” He...

  • Dec 14

    #45:  Seeking the Sikh’s, Richmond VA

    For prayer #45 I ventured into the Richmond Gurdwara located on 4500 Marty Boulevard in Chesterfield, VA.  Before attending, I had educated myself briefly on any traditions and customs to...

  • Dec 11

    #44 Christadelphians

    What the heck is a Christadelphian?  Those were my sentiments exactly.

    At the very last minute on Sunday morning, I hurried online to search for a religious sect I haven’t yet reviewed.  I figured at...

  • Dec 09

    I Have Arms!

    It’s cold today in Richmond, Virginia. 

    There’s frost blanketing our cars and I can see my breath.  However, we had about two tons of leaves covering our front lawn when I woke up this...


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