Posts from November 2010

  • Nov 30

    Taste and See that The Lord is Good.

    Instead of writing the obligatory blogger’s Thanksgiving post about all the things I’m grateful for, a few days ago I chose to write about the Christianity blues.  That stinkin’ adversary seemed to...

  • Nov 29

    #41 St. Helen’s Greek Orthodox

    Whenever I would tell anyone over the age of 55 about this project, they’d say, “Oh!  I can’t wait until you review a Greek Orthodox church!” Because of this, I always felt as though when the time...

  • Nov 20

    Christianity Stinks Today

    If you’ve experienced a spiritual conversion than you know what I mean when I say that it’s nearly impossible to contain your enthusiasm for God.  You want to tell the entire world about your new...

  • Nov 13

    #40: New Age, Seven Soul Energies

    Last night, for prayer #40 I attended a New Age:  Seven Soul Energies meeting held in the Aquarian Bookstore in Carytown. 

    I arrived about 20 minutes early in order to have the opportunity...

  • Nov 11

    #39 Northstar Community Recovery

    Who would have thunk that one of my absolute favorite church experiences so far would have been at a 12-step addiction recovery service?  Well, not this gal.

    A few Saturday’s back I made my way to...

  • Nov 03

    #38:  West Richmond Church of the Brethren

    I likes me some Brethren! 

    Much to my surprise, while attending all these Christian church’s this year, I’ve found that I am most attracted to the serious Christians.  The ones who urge their...


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