Posts from October 2010

  • Oct 28

    #37 Metro Richmond Community Church

    For prayer #37, I attended Metro Richmond Community Church’s 10:45am Sunday service located on 2501 Park Avenue in Richmond.  Before moving into the suburbs I lived only a block away from...

  • Oct 25

    #36:  Unitarian Universalist

    One Sunday in September I attended the First Unitarian Universalist church of Richmond located in the fan area at 1000 Blanton AvenueWhen I first walked in, a couple of greeters standing...

  • Oct 18

    #35 Richmond Hill

    A while back, I spent several hours silently praying and meditating for prayer #35 in the sanctuary at Richmond Hill, a restored monastery in the historic Church Hill area in downtown Richmond.


  • Oct 09

    #34; Hindu Center of Virginia

    Last week my friend and I headed to the Hindu Center of Virginia in Glen Allen for prayer #34.  Upon entering the puja, we took our shoes off and placed them in the foot cubby that was...
  • Oct 03

    #33 FourSquare Family Life Center, Richmond VA Church

    Three Sunday’s ago I embarked on Prayer #33, Four Square Family Life Center tucked away off Parham Road at 7837 Carousel Lane.  This post is going to be pretty short and sweet because the experience...

  • Oct 01

    #32 St. Stephen’s Celtic Service, Richmond VA Church

    I had several people recommend to me the 5:30 Celtic Service on Sunday’s at St. Stephen’s Episcopal church located at 6000 Grove Avenue in Richmond, VA.  My friend Jenny was visiting from...


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