Posts from September 2010

  • Sep 24

    Catholic Friday:  The Eucharist; Is God Edible?

    When I first heard that Catholics believed that the prescence of Jesus's body and blood was in the bread and wine taken at Communion, I admit, I almost lost it. Here's how Dave explains the Catholic...

  • Sep 23

    #31 Three Chopt Church of Christ, Richmond VA Church

    A few weeks back my friend Jenny and I attended the Church of Christ located on Three Chopt Road.

    When we first walked in we were immediately greeted by both a zealous...

  • Sep 20

    How to get past those pearly gates

    When I’m talking to people about the Christianity, I seem to get a ton of different answers related to how one goes about being saved.  If our great commission is to go out and “baptize them in the...

  • Sep 17

    Catholic Friday:  Are Sacraments Works Based Religion?

    Thinking the 7 Sacraments sounded a whole lot like a works based religion, I've asked Dave Vermont, our 52 Prayers Roman Catholic Representative a slew of questions about why the Catholic Church has...

  • Sep 16

    My Very Long Testimony

    I'm back from the beach which means I'm back in business, baby!  I got out of the week EXACTLY what I had hoped to.  I feel refreshed, confident in the Truth found in God's Word and at peace with my...

  • Sep 04

    Get Out Of Town

    When I first started reading the Bible, I thought to myself, "With enough diligent effort, I'm going to understand God." So I continued to study his Word.

    A few weeks in, God pointed out to me that I...


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