Posts from August 2010

  • Aug 20

    Catholic Friday:  What Are the Stations of the Cross?

    I've asked Dave Vermont to walk me through the Stations of the Cross ritual.  This is what Dave had to say....

    The Stations of the Cross are a “virtual” pilgrimage to the Holy Land to retrace the...

  • Aug 18

    5 Side Effects of Christianity

     I’m continually surprised by the side effects of Christianity.  Here are 5 things that I hadn’t considered before engaging in that acceptance prayer.   

    1.  If you say anything pro-liberal, other...

  • Aug 17

    Religious Freedom:  It was fun while it lasted.

    I haven’t heard many people disagree with me regarding my stance on building a mosque on Ground Zero, but I’d like to discuss it rather briefly since it’s been occupying my thoughts.

    How the heck...

  • Aug 16

    #29 Brazilian Adventists

    #29:  Seventh Day Adventist Brazilian Service

    Early on in this project I had attended a Seventh Day Adventist church on Patterson Avenue and because of some literature I came across about Bible...

  • Aug 15

    What Is Grace?

    There’s a very real misconception about what grace actually is until you recognize that you truly do have it. At least that’s how it was for me.

    I can honestly say that it wasn’t until about...

  • Aug 13

    Catholic Friday: Incense, Heaven or Smell

    The use of incense to symbolize the prayers of the faithful rising up to the spiritual world is one of the oldest traditions of man. It preceded the Hebrews and was used by the Babylonians and...


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