Posts from July 2010

  • Jul 30

    Is the Catholic Church Responsible for Changing the Sabbath?

    For today's Catholic Friday post, I've asked Dave Vermont, our 52 Prayers Roman Catholic Representative why the Church changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.  Here's what Dave has to say...


  • Jul 28

    Catholic Friday on Tuesday:  Changing the 10 Commandments

    This week, I've asked Dave Vermont, our self-appointed, 52 Prayers Roman Catholic Representative, Why the Catholic Church changed the 10 Commandments.  Here is what Dave had to say about it....


  • Jul 23

    How Important is the Bible?

    Due to technical difficulties, Catholic Friday will be moved to Catholic Monday, this week only....Expect Dave on Monday to answer, "Why did the Catholics change the 10 Commandments?"

    I love the...

  • Jul 22

    Who is Elijah?  Part 2

    First, let me explain why I believe Elijah is still coming in the future and Malachi was not fulfilled only by John the Baptist since I know this is a common theory.

    First, Malachi says that Elijah...

  • Jul 21

    Who Is Elijah?

    One of the curious things I’ve found in the Bible is the story of Elijah.  Here’s this guy who is just mysteriously swept up and away in a “chariot of fire” without any story of why or how...

  • Jul 21

    Ron DiCianni: Painting the Resurrection

    My friend Heather just sent this to me and I really loved it. Renowned artist, Ron DiCianni, depicts Christ's resurrection in a massive mural. It just makes me feel so victorious!  

    Hope you enjoy it...


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