Posts from June 2010

  • Jun 28

    THE angel of the Lord and AN Angel of the Lord

    I’ve been spending some time recently studying “the angel of the Lord” in the Scriptures. 

    When reading Exodus a few weeks back, I realized in several places there were different articles used when...

  • Jun 28

    10 questions for God about the Church

    This morning, I started thinking about all the different Christian denominations.  I wondered why the Pentecostals didn’t identify with the Episcopalians; the Mennonites were so different...

  • Jun 25

    Catholic Friday:  Baptising Infants; Is this Biblical?

    Happy Catholic Friday!

    This is a continuation of last week's Catholic Baptism post by Dave Vermont, our 52 Prayers Roman Catholic representative.  Dave has so kindly agreed to help me understand the...

  • Jun 24

    Scripture Memorization:  2 Timothy 3:16

    Since I'm a Sola Scriptura ( type gal; I really like this Bible verse.  I also love the idea of "training in righteousness,"  it just gives me the warm and...

  • Jun 24

    Did God Forsake His Son on the Cross?

    I know I’m a few days late but as promised; I’d like to explore some of the last words of Jesus before ascending into heaven from the cross.  As I mentioned last week, my brother Joe had revealed to...

  • Jun 23

    What Happens After You Die?

    This morning I decided to do a bit of biblical research on what happens to your soul and physical body after you die.  In my search, I came across a few verses that seemed to contradict one of my...


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