Posts from May 2010

  • May 16

    Christian Science

     Today is the day when I officially decided that I am an absolute dork.  It’s 7:30 on a Friday night, and here I am; sitting in front of my computer, getting ready to go knee deep into some Christian...

  • May 13

    Apologize for What?

    Whenever I mentioned to anyone that I went to an apologetics conference the first question was always the same….  What is apologetics?  So I figured I’d give a quick 101 on what Christian...

  • May 11

    Matthew 10:32

    On the plane on the way down to the BFB conference, I met a really nice woman who was about my age.  We talked about movies, laughed about the discomfort we both were experiencing on the flight and...

  • May 10

    #19:  Battle For the Bible Conference, Worship Service and Blind Faith

    On Thursday, I attended the Christian Research Institute's Battle for the Bible conference in Tampa, Florida and decided to include this as prayer #19 since I attended a worship service while I was...

  • May 06

    National Day of Prayer

    Happy National Day of Prayer! Even with all the controversy around this day (eg. Billy Graham's statements, the court's ruling that it's unconstitutional, Obama not having a public service) I think...

  • May 03

    #18 Temple Beth-El

    This Friday, at 6pm I attended Temple Beth-El synagogue located at 3330 Grove Avenue.  Initially, I had anticipated going to Congregation Or Ami on Hugenot road but because of my desire to...


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