Posts from April 2010

  • Apr 11

    #16 Richmond Friends Meeting

    At 9am this morning I drove to 4500 Kensington Avenue and parked my car outside of the Richmond’s Friends Meeting, otherwise known as a Quaker service. The simple church sat on the corner of a tree...

  • Apr 07

    The Quaker Community

    I’ve decided from now on I’m only going to give a brief bit of information about the services I’m going to attend each week. It takes a lot of time and research, and quite honestly, if anyone wants...

  • Apr 06

    #15 Hope Church Sunrise Service

    At 7am on Easter morning, I drove up to Hope Church for their outdoor sunrise service. Interestingly enough, the sun had already risen about 20 minutes before. But that didn’t bother me any....

  • Apr 05

    #14 Shady Grove United Methodist: Tenebrae Service

    At 7pm on Good Friday, I attended the Shady Grove United Methodist Church off of Pouncey Tract in Glen Allen, VA for Tenebrae service. I had never attended an event such as this but I had a feeling...

  • Apr 03

    The Christian Marketing Department

    Since the Hutaree news, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Christian "marketing department." The people who believe Jesus Christ died on the cross etc. etc. and feel it’s their duty to serve...


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