Posts from April 2010

  • Apr 30

    Reform Judiasm and It’s Community

    It seems I learn something new every day.  I was always under the impression that there were Reform Jews and Orthodox Jews, but today, I learned that there are also another group referred to as...

  • Apr 27

    Noah’s Ark Found?

    Today, a group of archaelogist in Turkey discovered what they believe to be the Ark of Noah referenced in the Holy Bible.

    According to the Bible story regarding Noah and his Ark, God was going to...

  • Apr 27

    Joshua 24:15

    I just recently got back from New Jersey where I was visiting my sister's newborn twins.  It am truly overjoyed that they were brought into this world both happy and healthy.  There is a special...

  • Apr 19

    # 17 Islamic Center of Virginia:  Richmond VA

    This Friday at 2:15, I attended The Islamic Center of Virginia on Buford road. Admittedly, I had a bit of anxiety before attending.  I was disappointed in myself for having these feelings so I looked...

  • Apr 15

    The Islamic Faith

    As mentioned previously, I’m going to do my research related posts from now on based on what I found interesting or relevant instead of translating pages of information regarding the faith.

  • Apr 11

    #16 Part 2: Richmond Friend’s

    This is Part 2 of the Richmond Friend’s post. What can I was a long hour!

    Here’s how the conversation went pretty much from start to finish:

    Me: So, yeah, sorry about my judgments regarding...


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