Posts from March 2010

  • Mar 29

    #13 Trinity Lutheran

    Last week, I attended the early morning worship service at Trinity Lutheran church located at 2315 North Parham Road. When I first arrived, I was greeted by 2 elder ladies who introduced themselves...

  • Mar 29

    Hutaree Militia

    As the story broke regarding the 9 Militia members who call themselves Hutaree (which they say translates to "Christian Warrior") I just felt I had to post.

    I’ll make it short and sweet so I don’t...

  • Mar 26

    The Lutheran Community


    One of the oldest branches of Protestantism is the Lutheran denomination which was created as a result of the Martin Luther’s Reformation movement in Europe on October 31, 1957. Luther, a...

  • Mar 23

    In Jesus name I Pray

    Days have past since attending the Baha’i’s home. I have done my best not to make any judgments of their religion and to be open to accepting truth, no matter how different it might be from what I...

  • Mar 21

    #12 Baha’i Henrico Community

    I was interested in attending a worship service with the Baha’i community to see what it was all about so I went on their website to find dates/times to attend. I soon realized the site doesn’t offer...

  • Mar 18

    Today is Earth Day: Not really but it should be

    I saw this and thought it accurately portrayed how I was feeling today so I thought I’d share.

    Your Spirit lives in the whistling winds, oh how I love thee
    Every budding flower, You are it’s very...


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