Posts from February 2010

  • Feb 20

    Reconnecting with Spirit

    I’m a couple of days behind on my posts. I’ve already attended the church that I’m going to write about this week but have yet to do the research portion so I’ll get back to the project tomorrow. But...

  • Feb 19

    #7 Ekoji Buddhist Sangha

    When I pulled up to the temple located at 3411 Grove Avenue, I called my husband to double check that I was at the right place. When picturing the location, I had envisioned a golden temple with...

  • Feb 16

    Zen Buddhism

    Zen Buddhism is perhaps the most widely recognized form of meditation in the United States. Zen traces its origins to India, but the philosophy was formalized in China between the 6th and 7th...

  • Feb 15

    Whoops! Blog Mistakes

    So, there are 2 hiccups I’ve seen in my writing that I think need to be addressed. I’ve noticed grammatical errors after reading through my posts but I have intentionally kept them the way they are....

  • Feb 13

    The Break Up

    I’ve been struggling with the fact that I have been spending so much time with the LDS church studying their beliefs and haven’t given the other churches the same amount of time and attention. So...

  • Feb 12

    24 Hour Retreat at Richmond Hill

    There’s a large part of me that thinks in an attempt to maintain focus and clarity, I should not convey all of my personal spiritual experiences on this blog but instead, just write about the history...


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