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Reigniting that old flame


Every cell in my body feels like I should be writing.  Because of that, I have spent the last year and a half considering topics.  I've gone from motherhood, to healthy living, to decorating, a cooking blog, etc.  I get incredibly excited about the ideas and in a few days, the novelty wears off and I get side tracked by the goings on of being a new mom.  I go back to my Ground Hog's Day of bottle, nap, play with toys, bottle, nap, play with toys.  Oh and of course diaper changes; can't...

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Life in the Fast Lane

Last night I was having dinner with a friend of mine and we started talking about children.  She's a newlywed and considering her first and had asked me if my husband and I had talked about when we might start trying for our second.  When thinking about it, I told her that I'd like to get pregnant again very soon.  Since Dex is only 6 months old and the first 5 months of his life were absolutely miserable for everyone in our household due to colic, it seemed almost comical that I would...

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Heaven House Ministries

I had no interest in giving our hard earned money to poor people in Africa.

Not because feeding and clothing the poor in another country isn't a noble calling; it very much is.  But sending money to a small village in some far away land was too cool for my blood.  The Hollywood elite had successfully made African charities trendy years ago and I hate trendy.  Much how I feel about Twitter.

I always felt like cutting a check to some Tanzanian organization would immediately put me in the...

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The Mission

52 prayers is a one year project. I will attend a different church, center, temple or mosque every week and write about my experiences.


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